On-Demand. (beta)
POV | + is On-Demand marketplace for automotive enthusiasts.
Automotive enthusiasts get to display and offer their services about their vehicles On-Demand.
Whether you have EXOTIC or UNIQUE or DIFFERENT or LUXURY or VIP car, or you just starting out, we got you covered. All you have to do is Sign up.
Upon sign up, each automotive enthusiast will be given personal page with live chat on the page. (so you can communicate directly with your visitors)

Example page - here

As you can see on this example page, your page will come fully assembled and ready for you to start adding and offering your services.

POV | +  Page flexibility:

Because  POV | +  still in beta mode, we gave you 7 spots for your services + Intro and 5 spots for ABOUT you/your business.
Your page can be shared individually by your visitors.
Your page can also be used for personal business.

For example:
Let's say you're automotive enthusiast having our page, but also, your day-to-day business is an attorney and you have your own law firm.
Visitors seeing your day-to-day business on your page (ABOUT), going to be beneficial to both of your businesses. (automotive and law)
*This was just an example. It can be any other hobby, interest or passion.

You can run your own advertisement on your page. WHAT!? Yep.
More about advertisement will be discussed at the event. (buy a ticket)

Not only you'll get Free exposure to your page through our main page, you also have a Paid choice to participate in our future events to get more exposure.

As you can see, we giving you full control of your own page.

The Point:
You get to offer and provide a service to others who seeks particular Experience/Knowledgeable Help, while you being compensated at the same time.

I will provide three different examples, to give you better understanding why
we created POV | + and what you can do with it.

Example 1.
I want to ride OR drive a Lamborghini Aventador OR (any other car) right now.
If only there was a place where I could buy/book such an experience.

Example 2.
I want to buy this exhaust/exhaust system but, I want to hear it (in real life) what it would sound like on my car and answer any questions I may have about.
*I don't want to go through hassle blindly buying it, going through trouble installing it, then go through hassle returning it.
If only there was a place where I could buy/book such an experience, BEFORE I go through all this nonsense.

Example 3.
I spend so much money on my car mods and now (unfortunately) I have to sell my car.
I have two options.

Option one.
Sell my car as is, and lose my mods-money.

Option two.
Spend my time, effort, resources and more money, taking those mods out, replacing them with original parts (if I still have them), and trying to sell them separately.
(we all know how that goes)

If only there was a place where I could get all of my mods-money back and more, at the same time provide Knowledgeable Help to my fellow automotive enthusiasts.


I could go on with examples. I hope this three examples provide clear understanding of what it is, what you can do with it and why we created  POV | +

If you have more questions about  POV | +  you can email us at povplusnetwork@gmail.com

But if you ready to become part of the family and start offering your services, just sign up.

Thank you and Welcome to the Family!
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